Best Fantasy Dildos In 2021 & Where To Buy Them

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Are you tired of using regular dildos? Well, I know I am. Since my first experience with fantasy dildos, monster dildos or alien dildos, my loyalty changed, and I can’t see myself jumping ship anytime soon. And though variety is the spice of life, fantasy dildos provide a new level of self-pleasuring that you can’t find with regular dildos. The veiny and tentacled shaft offers a fascinating texture to enhance your experience.

Luckily, the fantasy dildos market is continuously growing, making life easy for people who don’t like regular dildos or those who like me; want to add something special to their sex toy safe. I’ve reviewed more than a dozen fantasy dildos and dug through multiple forum posts and customer reviews to give you this comprehensive, objective, and informational fantasy dildo guide.

In this article, we’ll look into these fantastic dildos with emphasis on demystifying the experience and helping you choose the right fantasy dildo. We’ll look into the different fantasy dildos, including the dragon, tentacle, and alien dildos. I’ll also give you my first-hand experience with these sex toys before recommending the best places to get one from. So, read on. 

What Is A Fantasy Dildo?

A fantasy dildo is a unique sex toy made to depict mystical and fantasy creatures. Whether land or sea animals, fantasy dildos are designed to realize your ideal fantasy world. These dildos may be larger and feature numerous textures that you wouldn’t usually find in conventional dildos. Most importantly, every dildo has its own personality, including mythical creatures like dragon, tentacle, alien, zombie, unicorn, and vampire, which fantasy dildo creators stretch their imagination to develop different designs.

Types of Fantasy Dildos

Like with other sex toys, there are numerous types of fantasy dildos on the market. Everything from dragon to tentacle and alien dildos, the manufacturers put their imagination to work to ensure you have a unique yet exciting experience. The variety gives you the power to choose what you want so you can meet your wildest fantasies.

  • Dragon Dildos
  • Tentacle Dildos
  • Alien Dildos
  • Zombie Dildos
  • Unicorn Dildos
  • Vampire Dildos

What to Think About When Buying a Fantasy Dildo

  • Size: When picking a dildo, I recommend using the average flaccid and erect penis numbers to get an idea. According to Sciencemag, the average flaccid and erect penis measure 9.16 cm (3.61″) and  13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long, respectively. Also, the average girth for a flaccid penis is 9.31 cm (3.66″) and 11.66 cm (4.59″) for an erect one.
  • Material: There are numerous sex toy materials on the market, but I recommend you stick with the non-porous options. Some companies might use porous materials to cut on cost, rendering the dildo unhygienic and tedious to maintain. Silicone is the best dildo material out there, and while it might be a little expensive, the extra dollars are worth the quality and longevity you get.
  • Budget: The quality of materials and unique features usually determine the dildo price. Of course, a high-quality silicone will be more expensive than a knock-off made from porous materials. While you can get sex toys for $50 or less, I recommend going for something closer to $100 from a well-established brand.
  • Texture: The dildo’s texture is another crucial aspect to consider when buying a fantasy dildo. Is it your first time using a fantasy dildo? Or are you a pro? The toy’s texture affects the sensations during penetration, and everyone wants the rippled and wavy shaft. However, you might have to go with a smooth-textured dildo if you’re a newbie and work your way to the top. For experienced sex toys users, make the world your playground and experiment with rough textures.
  • Customizations: Like everything else, most people love custom-made sex toys, and different fantasy dildos have various customization options. The more options, the better. Whether it’s the size, texture, firmness, or color, always prioritize sex toys with multiple customization options.

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