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Meyouth Sex Machine Rosetell Meyouth Sex Machine
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Rosetell Meyouth Sex Machine with 9 Inch Dual Density Dildo, Quilock System Thrusting Fucking Machine Anti Rotation, Remote Control Love Machine Compatible with All 3XLR Connector Accessories

The newly developed decagonal patented Quilock system: the decagonal quick self-locking system, which like a blooming rose, and increases multi-faceted contact to prevent rotation, and increase the stability of the lock, we refuse to rotate!

Safe and stable rose disk patented transmission system: When the machine is running at high speed, the rose disk increases kinetic energy and saves energy; when the speed of the rose disk decreases, the kinetic energy is reduced and energy is released, thereby reducing the speed fluctuation of the machine during operation and increasing the stability. 

8 different frequency conversion wireless remote control love machine: enjoy true wireless free control of your love machine within 10 meters, you can find the most suitable speed for you by accelerating and decelerating, or you can double-click the rose petal to start our 8 thrusting modes, many kinds mode waiting for you and your partner to explore.

Ultra-quiet 100W super motor, All body made of aluminum alloy: 300Ncm super torque, strong power, sensitive response, maximum speed and noise no more than 30db, the machine made of aluminum alloy, surface anodized, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, extended use life.

Variety of transform angel, ultra-deep thrusting distance, including 9-inch dual-density super large dildo: you can quickly complete the angle change, even to 90 degrees, the adjustment depth of 3-11cm, can meet your various postures, we will give you a 9 -Inch dual-density dildo, the exterior is soft enough like real flesh.

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